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Weronika Helena Wozniak is an extraordinary actress and dancer based in New York City and a regular Off-Broadway performer. She is currently in production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” with critically acclaimed theatre company The Seeing Place. As well as in production for The Evening Crane Theatre’s “Spyglass Seven” for The International Edgar Allan Poe Festival and will appear on the festival for second time running, this time on film. She is hosting own radio program in collaboration with Polish radio Nasze Radio in New York about culture and entertainment on Mondays 6:15pm ET. She's also a member of Polish Theatre Institute since 2019.

She is a strong advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights and as been supporting BLM movement, including the Ripple For Change Award, which was created to support non-profit organizations, who make significant contributions in their communities. She has collaborated in raising over $2000 for Black Theatre Network and Ali Forney Center through online theatre.


She was born in Poznań, Poland. Her stage career began at the age of 5 when she joined youth dance group Rytmix in Konin, Poland. WhIle being a member of the dance group until 2006, she received such awards as 1st Place in The 27th International Song and Dance Festival . In 2006 she moved to Wroclaw, Poland and joined Dance Studio Gemar . In 2009, she won 8th Place in The World Championships of Hip-Hop, Electic Boogie and Break Dance in Kalisz.

She made her first camera appearance in TV Show Pierwsza Miłość  as guest star in 2014. Weronika decided to dedicate her life to acting, starting with Conservatory Program at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York City where she studied Method Acting with Irma Sandrey, Robert Ellermann, Lola Cohen, Geoffrey Horne. Her first short movie Lost In The Wind directed by NYU sophomore student Dan L. Nguyen Phan, was accepted to Cannes Festival Short Film Corner selection in 2016.


Weronika started off her theatrical career in The United States by joining the original Off-Broadway cast of an interactive stage-combat The Video Games by at The Elektra Theatre (Times Square Arts Center), where she appeared as a swing in 2016, and as Shiek from The Legend Of Zelda in 2017.

In March 2017 she joined Ken Wa Kan Dojo in New York City under the mentorship of Shihan Michelle Gay – 5th-degree black belt and 5-time Women’s full contact champion and Certified Laban Movement Analyst. She received awards in karate tournaments, i. e. 1st and 2nd place on Kanreikai Open Championships in Danbury, CT (2017). Weronika is currently a green belt in this discipline.


She worked extensively on the devised piece ‘The Vandals’ with The How Theatre Company since 2017, and has recently collaborated with the team at a residency in Culture Lab LIC.

She has trained with Irma Sandrey, Geoffrey Horne, Robert Ellermann, Barry Shapiro, Mauricio Bustamante, Jeremy Kruse, and took intensives with Vincent D'Onofrio and casting directors like Matthew Wise, Rachel Goldman, Barry Shapiro and Paul Fouquet.

Weronika has been an actor with Polish Theatre Institute since 2019. Her first performance being Cheating Flea before the pandemic in 2020. She has also been a part of the original team of Bobkowski Project with the Institute - a multi-voice experiment to bring piece by piece the 1957 book "Szkice Piórkiem" by Andrzej Bobkowski to the people. It's an international project bringing artists and other professionals of Polish origin together during the quarantine and create a strong collective bond that will allow us to collaborate in the future. So far, around 400 artists participated in the project. Bobkowski Project premiers on March 22, 2021 at PTI Youtube Channel.

She is currently represented by MMG talent management.